Skinny Jeans and all

My skinny ass bitch of a sister is in town and accidentally borrowed my sexy size 2 jeans. Normally I would not mind except for the fact that they kind of sag in her ass. Translation, she is skinnier than me.

Yes, i know her kid is over a year old and mine is 7 months. She has full time help and can go to the gym whenever she wants (and does not have to walk a half mile to get there). But still…

I want heads to turn.

When my baby was just a few weeks old I went to a discussion group and let it slip that I had a newborn. Hell, I was proud of it. I felt all of the women check out my body and nod because they were impressed. (Moms: Girdles help bring the uterus back to normal)

I’m tempted to get pregnant again so I can eat everything, never have to wait for the bathroom and look voluptuously sexy. yeah! That will show ’em.


2 Responses to Skinny Jeans and all

  1. O. says:

    Girl I think the last time I saw a size 2…wait… don’t think I have ever seen a size 2. Ok, once when I got really sick and couldn’t eat anything for weeks. But then my age ended in teen. LOL

  2. 1hpb says:

    Thanks. They are Old Navy size 2 which means probably a size 4 in any other brand.

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