How Paranoid to be

When SARS broke out, it was not in my backyard and I did not fear that it would contaminate me.

When there was the Anthrax scare I did not think I was on anyone’s radar. I was tempted to send baby powder or baking soda to a few people were on my shit list, but I did not.

I did not feel vulnerable to Avian bird flu, mad cow or any other pandemics that all seem to be surfacing in the last six years. But now there’s this swine virus and it’s in Queens, a borough away from me. And now I have family who depend on me to not only be healthy but also to protect them. So I have to decide how paranoid to be about protecting them.

My husband has already accused me of being too lax around germs and on the playground. Hey, I think it’s okay for a little one to bump her head now and then; not intentionally. It’s one of the few things we fight about. With this unknown highly contagious virus I find myself to be more paranoid cautious than normal. We’re not walking around with face masks, yet, but I’m concerned.


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