Cinco de Que?

I logged on to Facebook today; the first time in ages and wondered why so many people’s comments revolved around tequila. huh? so I updated my status, a rare event since I downloaded Scrabble on my iPhone, asking why all of the moms I knew were focused on drinking so early.

Then a dad of twins asked if I had checked out the date. Duh. Cinco de Mayo. I did manage to have a cinco-tastic day. My friend who is currently living in India came to town and we hit a few local bars and stores. It’s pathetic, but i’m still glowing a little that a waiter at an ultra trendy bar (we visited early so we could get a seat, but I still managed to identify Shannon Doherty when she walked in), commented on my shirt…from Loehmanns. Go Me!

The day had some less than cinco de mayo moments: a cranky baby, late babysitter, crappy weather, but I prefer to focus on the fun at this moment, before I go downstairs and feed my son and get covered in spit-up.


One Response to Cinco de Que?

  1. Alicia S says:

    Hahaha, strange that our minds turn to tequila on Cinco de Mayo! Glad you had a chance to partake. I don’t know how your blog came to be in my email, I think maybe you are a member of From Left to Write book club maybe? Regardless…you are funny lady! 🙂

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