Bittersweet holiday

Mothers Day yesterday was bittersweet. On one hand I was thrilled to spend the day with my family. My husband made a real effort for me to feel special, even though he insisted I clean up my paperwork that was dominating our dining room table.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been bombarded with emails and advertisements telling me to celebrate mom this mother’s day. Thanks.

My mom and I never really celebrated the holiday. one year I was so upset that she did not call me upon receiving the flowers I had sent and dutifully signed my siblings name to the card. The next year, I chastised my brother for not signing my name to the orchid he sent. I made sure my mom knew it was technically from all of her kids.

I thought about my mom a lot yesterday, mostly the good stuff about who she was and our relationship. I’m working with her,but really now my business partner and it has been a seamless transition. He knew my mom so well and when I am stuck with how to handle a situation I ask him. My mom taught us both a lot. I bring a lot of my mom’s skills to the table and can rein him in when he gets too excited, something he even noted yesterday.

He told me how mom used to say, “aren’t my kids cool? Don’t I have the coolest kids?” so I know she was proud, and i know she would be proud of who I am as a mom, a business woman, a wife and a person. I suppose I should focus on that and not how much I miss her.


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