LIfetime Goals

May 9, 2013

I know to count my blessings. Even the author of the Happiness Project says that people who do so are happier, yet she does not.  

I am healthy. 
I have a healthy family including three amazing healthy children and a really amazing husband who loves and supports me.  

I have two healthy siblings with whom I am very close.  I happen to have both of my grandmothers but, and it is a big but, I do not have my parents.  


I tell myself I am lucky that I have had such wonderful parents for as long as I did, and after fulfilling their mission on earth they had to leave. Their departure, which always comes too soon to a child was necessary to push me forward into my lifetime purpose.  


What my life’s purpose is, I’m not entirely certain but I have some ideas gleamed from watching two of the people I love most in the world depart. 

1. To be an honest mother wife and friend. 

2. Teach tzedukah or charity

3. Be a smart and cognizant business woman who enjoys her work and its results.  

4. And to have as much fun as possible without harming or compromising anyone especially my family.  


With humility, I think I am doing a great job.  I expect more challenges and obstacles to surface, as they do in life but most importantly I know I am going to be okay.  


having lost two parents in very different ways I’ve come to accept that nobody gets out alive. Every life has a beginning and an end.  Seeing my father’s end, surrounded my family telling jokes and reminiscing of happier moments is not an awful way to leave the world, something we all inevitably do.  And on my death bed I want to be with my family telling funny stories and remembering our great adventures.