Teaching at NYU

I used to teach at NYU.  Mom was surprised to overhear.  I was teaching a class preparing students to take the graduate entrance exam for their MBA.  The group was mostly Hispanic and Black from lower income backgrounds who signed up for a class through a tutoring company.  


On a side note, I barely admitted taking the LSAT my final year of college lest I be asked my score.  Not a fan of standardized tests.  But I had been tutoring one on one for the SATs and then the GREs which is a lot like the SAT.  My mom joked soon I would be tutoring kids for the MCATs. I was equally qualified to tutor for the GMAT. 


But I was hired.  I was trained. And even though I had never tutored more than two students at once one Tuesday evening in a classroom at NYU Stern School of Business in front of fourteen students.  

The tutor head had offered a rogue student to myself and others leading their own classes. The undercover student would pop in to save a stumped teacher.  I declined but on the first day of class there was a surprise new student who was not affiliated with the scholarship program as the other students were.  So I was a little nervous if instead he sent over a spy.  Thus when we spoke I needed to confess to boss how I was late the first day.  


I explained to the students how I went to the wrong building carrying these heavy text books.  I tied it in to never making the same mistake again


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