Teaching at NYU

December 12, 2012

I used to teach at NYU.  Mom was surprised to overhear.  I was teaching a class preparing students to take the graduate entrance exam for their MBA.  The group was mostly Hispanic and Black from lower income backgrounds who signed up for a class through a tutoring company.  


On a side note, I barely admitted taking the LSAT my final year of college lest I be asked my score.  Not a fan of standardized tests.  But I had been tutoring one on one for the SATs and then the GREs which is a lot like the SAT.  My mom joked soon I would be tutoring kids for the MCATs. I was equally qualified to tutor for the GMAT. 


But I was hired.  I was trained. And even though I had never tutored more than two students at once one Tuesday evening in a classroom at NYU Stern School of Business in front of fourteen students.  

The tutor head had offered a rogue student to myself and others leading their own classes. The undercover student would pop in to save a stumped teacher.  I declined but on the first day of class there was a surprise new student who was not affiliated with the scholarship program as the other students were.  So I was a little nervous if instead he sent over a spy.  Thus when we spoke I needed to confess to boss how I was late the first day.  


I explained to the students how I went to the wrong building carrying these heavy text books.  I tied it in to never making the same mistake again


Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice

December 12, 2012

Something silly clouds your thoughts.  You could be distracted.  You will make mistakes.  Just make new ones.  

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Each misstep is an opportunity to refine manners.  


I made a minor mistake that could end up costing me $2500 over the next year.  It’s low enough that I could eat it, but high enough that I don’t want to – not that one ever wants to lose money.  Never feels good.  But it’s not a small bite.  I am working on bringing it down half which is obviously twice as good as the alternative.