Happy Labor Day My Dad’s Dying

We are all dying in one way.  We’re either living or dying.

At a certain point you past your midway point, you know you’re in the latter half of years.

The reality is no one knows when their time will end, and we could have already passed our half way point without knowing.


A local celebrity – 35 years old father of two went for a swim this August and was found washed up on the beach this summer.  He was a year older than me in school and we had mutual friends.  Every time I saw him, a handful of times each summer, he was friendly.


His tragic death left a dark cloud over the town.  So many people knew him, adored him although they probably would never use the term adore, were affected by his passing.  It was so sudden and unexpected, perhaps because he had persevered through some rough spots.

He woke up one day and it was his last.  I imagine if you had asked him how would he like to spend his final hours he would probably have said, wake up with my wife and kids then go to the beach, which is what he did and somehow you have to respect that when his clock expired he would not regret his final day.


There were other deaths this summer as well from the local camp director to two pedestrian accidents including a hit and run to fatal car accidents.  Apparently this was all statistically normal but still depressing nonetheless.  All of this while my father fights his two cancers and struggles with the symptoms.


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