Those PTA Moms

I like the moms at my kids’ nursery school.  

At first I was seduced by the blonde stylish moms who never seemed to be as frayed as I was but as I listen to their chatter about the PTA I’m grateful to be removed from the drama, although of course I love catching moments of their insecurities and cattiness.  


Today I overheard two mother’s discussing some sort of invitation and whether the final design had been approved and if it had been sent out.  The day before a friend commented how she had volunteered for the teacher luncheon in honor of teacher appreciation week and then whispered that the PTA president did a poor job.  I smiled to myself grateful to be removed from all of it.  The same friend said she did not want to get too involved with another school event because the volunteers bickered over how certain items got approved without the head volunteer’s knowledge.  


In a moment of weakness I had volunteered to make my son’s yearbook on shutterfly. And given all that is happening at the moment with work and life and such this yearbook is less appealing than changing a poopy diaper, or even wiping my toddlers’ poopy tushes.  And yet, here I am committed. I’ve tried to recuse myself and have solicited two active volunteers but they have not gotten the hint that I do not want to be involved.  I’ve set up the account and tried to get them started.  But no, they have not taken the hint.


I’m now more interested in being friends with the moms that know how to have fun.   Who enjoy being with their kids and the activities that consume me.  Some of the mom’s will just pass through the nursery school and once they move onto their kids’ elite private schools will make more serious friends.  Who knows.  Life is too short to care. 



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