Nanny Upgrade

They say that the hormone surges during pregnancy parallel those of a teenager. While I’m no longer fighting with my parents, daily, or harnessing rising anger at my sister I’m still testy and impossible to please.

Over the past four years I’ve tolerated my children’s nanny – a term I despise because of the privilege it implies. Over these four years I’ve gone in waves of liking how great she is with my kids (she is), how flexible she is (which also leads to unavailability), to utterly resenting her presence in my house. After enough complaining I’ve decided to replace her.

The new nanny has a contract and a list of outlined responsibilities down to the minimum times she should wash her hands. She stayed with my family for a few days and seems caring with the kids, clean, open to direction and amenable. She’s definitely not perfect, who is, but I think/hope/believe it will be a huge improvement.

With three kids soon to inhabit my apartment I need someone more organized than my current nanny. And today is the day I let her go. I’m not looking forward to firing her, no matter how high class of a problem this is.

I thought about concocting a story as to why I’m letting her go, perhaps saying I am having a live-in even though there is hardly room for one or my husband wants someone that speaks better English, or his work schedule/ salary is changing, but will likely go with I need someone super early in the mornings. I’ll recommend her on my message board.

I hate confrontation, and disappointing people and this seems to be a cumulation of all things I’m not interested in doing.


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