First Crush

Last fall my daughter started talking about a boy in her class who I’ll call Tom. Tom became a bit of a celebrity in our household, the mere mention of his name would cause my daughter to smile slyly and tilt her head to the side. It was almost enough to snap her out a bad move.

In typical preschool fashion Tom pretended he did not like my daughter crying whenever his mom and I suggested a playdate. My daughter would shout, YES YOU DO WANT A PLAYDATE WITH ME. Together they would have a great time, dressing in superhero costumes, playing hide and seek and running around.

When I visited the classroom in the Spring, I noticed Tom stopping his games to stare at my daughter from across the room when she had her turn to dance in the circle game. Despite his words, Tom liked my daughter. I have found him a bit whiny but if my kid is happy…

And sometimes those words were harsh. One time he said during a playdate, I wish you didn’t come over. My daughter recounted this to me without pain or frustration. Projecting my own insecurities I told her he did not mean it. Fortunately she took it in stride. In fact later when we were playing the Guess Who game, she described a friend who “doesn’t like it when I follow him around, is four years old and had a soccer birthday.” Tom!

Yesterday Tom and his older brother came over. We had such a wonderful evening swimming in the pool and then picnicing on the beach. The four and under crew got naked and ran in the water laughing with each wave.

Everyone was playing so well and since the weather was so beautiful, I let them stay up very late making bedtime more difficult because they were so overtired. This morning my daughter was again begging for a playdate again with Tom, after pleading for a sleepover. It was such a simple and delightful day it was worth it.


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