Five Lazy Shortcuts

I begrudge my nanny when I see her a new level of laziness. They say the things you love and hate about someone are reflections of what you love and hate about yourself. In this case, I hate that I too am incredible lazy. Some shortcuts I take that I am not proud of include:

1) I still drink from the carton. I try not to do it in front of my kids or the nanny, but if I need to swallow a pill or get a quick swig of something I will open the fridge and gulp directly from that Tropicana container. Most of the time I do close the fridge door (something my husband does not do. The waste of electricity drives me slightly more insane).

2) I don’t change the toilet paper roll. I usually prop a fresh roll on top of the empty roll. If it sits there for a few days, I’ll change it and intend to bring the cardboard to my kid’s school for an art project. Usually it ends up in the recycling bin.

3) I don’t always recycle. As an armchair environmentalist I encourage people to reuse reduce recycle, turn off lights in an empty room, don’t run the water during pre-shower dawdling (Husband!), and close the refrigerator when not actively sticking head inside to look for new items. Sometimes when I order delivery (often) and I forget to tell the restaurant I don’t need utensils (regularly) after I stuff my face I don’t thoroughly rinse out the plastic or metal containers for the recycling bin. I may do a perfunctory rinse leaving oil and some rice kernels before tossing in the recycling center or if rinse is so mediocre dropping directly into the trash chute. I’ve also been known to trash empty bottles into public garbage when a recycling option is not readily available. I’m not proud of this, but I still do it.

4) I don’t listen to voicemails. With the iPhone I can edit which messages I listen to in the order of my choosing. When I click on a message, the status bar immediately tells me the length of a message. Those two minute ramblings from my super I MAY listen to if I have earplugs when I’m waiting in line at say the post office but most of the time I will just return the call with the anticipation that he will repeat everything left on my message anyway, saving me the trouble of enduring the ramblings two times.

5) Walking that extra block. Many times I may have a check sitting in my wallet and rather than walk an extra two blocks to the bank to deposit it, I don’t. Same thing with going to my local PO Box (Full disclaimer: My post office has the WORST hours opening at 10 am on weekdays). This usually results in me having to walk twice the distance at a more inconvenient time to attend to the minor errand. Lazy people do work twice has hard!


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