Apartment Update

After spending twice as long and twice as much as budgeted, my new bathroom is complete. I say, with humility, it looks great. I’m quite proud of the design but I cannot take full credit as my amazing gay architects helped me design, pick out tiles, and approve fixtures. The entire experience was quite emotional because if I had my mom I would not need to hire the professionals. But apparently enough people do not have an opinionated and stylish mother to help them decorate or there would not be so many designers or interior decorators.

Now is the fun part of updating the furniture in the apartment to better fit the new space.

I found a great website Fab.com. It’s one of those flash sale sites like Groupon but for designer items. I have high hopes for the site founded by the CEO of Design Within Reach and someone else with great aesthetics. After buying one print and being tempted by several other items, I recommend joining!

At a school auction, I recently won a two hour design consultation with an interior decorator. She and her assistant came over and gave me great advice on how to update the space while still being conscious of my budget. She was not in favor or ripping out my kitchen, or even changing the tile, just refinishing the cabinets, replacing some appliances, updating the lighting and installing a backsplash.

I did find an amazing drop leaf dining table/console that I love. I originally found it on an antique dealer website listed from $3,900 or $9,800. I considered swallowing that $3,900 price because the alternative table I liked from Design Within Reach (of millionaires) was $2,900 plus tax and delivery. Then I flirted with the idea of getting a table made until I found the same 1960s table I loved on Craigslist in Virginia. I’ve been going through a bit of a charade dealing with the owner who inherited the table from her mother in law and arranging delivery but it looks like it could happen this week. The same week that my younger cousin is moving to Brooklyn and can inherit my current table and chairs. Whoo hoo! I know this adventure of getting the table half off and dealing with a cast of characters is the type of thing my mom would relish. Fingers crossed it all works out with the moving company, the current owner and my cousin.

With each purchase I gain more confidence in my decisions. But many times I feel the need to email my sister or interior design friend or architect for their approval. The interior decorator said I could email her ideas but I don’t think she realized how indecisive I can be and after the second email with four bench options she stopped responding. I feel a part of me is pestering when I ask professionals for opinions so I try to limit my requests. It’s just one of those things that my mom would have considered with pleasure, and maybe even do a little research on her own. I guess I should be grateful my husband has little interest or opinion in decorating, giving me free reign to make decisions.


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