Five Annoying Things Today

I’ll chalk some of it up to hormones, but I’m annoyed. Here are a few things irking me on this Tuesday evening.

1. My Husband
My wonderful husband/amazing father has been busy at work. He tells me he will be a ghost until August and I’ve accepted that, not counting on him being around until the weekends. Yet tonight he comes home with a paper bracelet from a Yankees game.

2. My Maid
I know I’m lucky to have a maid but why must she unplug my alarm clock every single visit leaving it for me to reset each week? Why does she just stack my kids books on random windowsills as opposed to returning them to the bookshelves (why don’t kids do this?) as if I need a copy of Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms for reference?

3. The Air Conditioner
Again, I know I’m fortunate. I got new air conditioners this Spring with fancy covers. I wish the one in my children’s 80 degree room was working. I also wish the contractor vacuumed his dust when installing the radiator covers so when the air conditioners that do work are turned on, tiny wood shavings do not fly in the air. I would also like that the black out blind would roll up in their room.

4. Time Warner
A service man came out to repair the on demand feature that was not working. He could not find where the cable came into the apartment, I subsequently learn that there was a brief cable outage during his visit. Nonetheless he does something before he leaves so that my existing cable ceases to work. I cannot get an appointment until next week.

5. That Former friend
A childhood friend of mine stopped talking to me because I remained friendly with a mutual friend with whom she had a falling out. At least I think this is why because as soon as my friend learned I invited the mutual friend to my daughter’s birthday she cut off communication with me despite my attempts for over a year to rekindle our friendship. She does however communicate with my dad, which I do not mind as she does not have a kind family. My father considers her family and family fights and then forgive and whatever I did not could not have been so egregious that she eliminates me from her life, I think it’s ridiculous that she is giving me the silent treatment yet remains incredibly loyal to a convicted felon who we knew growing up.

Said felon, serving time for two robberies one where a clerk was killed, had no relationship with her in school and only now that he is behind bars and she sends him packages and money are they friends. Felon manipulated Friend involving her subliminally in illicit activity. Said Friend who has ignored all of my outreaching to reconcile has now asked my father to give her miles to so Felon’s grandmother can visit him.


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