A Mother’s Day Jacket

I knew my husband would do something great on Mother’s Day, I wasn’t expecting him to floor me with the present.

The morning started off a little different than most, my husband slept in as I attended to the kids. My daughter reminded me that I was supposed to have breakfast in bed, but my husband remained resting. So I fed the kids breakfast, changed diapers and cleaned up after the resident mice.

When my husband awoke he handed me a bag from a store a fashionable neighborhood store Zadig & Voltaire. Inside was a red leather motorcycle jacket.

A few weeks earlier I had admired the coat in the window on the way to the gym with the family. The next day I tried it on and balked at the price tag. I even commented to my husband that the jacket was nice but not that nice. I could think of infinitely better uses for that money. Yet Sunday morning I slid that jacket on in my living room.

I felt guilty. Who spends this kind of money on one jacket? Apparently enough people because the store with three locations in a half mile radius had sold out of the size small. I started thinking what else I would prefer to own in that price range, a dress or two that I would wear sparingly, a new computer even though my five year old lap top still works, a piece of furniture or art.

The reality is I do not need anything, not even a hot red leather motorcycle jacket. I was just blown away by not only my husband’s memory but his generosity.

I remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry debates buying a beautiful outrageously priced leather jacket. He goes back and forth, “I can’t spend that kind of money on a coat.” In the end he does buy it and subsequently ruins it in the rain, but I felt similar.

Hubby said I deserve it (I don’t) but I guess business is good enough he should be able to spoil his wife, especially on Mother’s Day. Thanks Babe!


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