Intimate Encounters

Before my penultimate vacation I had dinner with the mother of my daughter’s friend. After several drinks we began to share intimate details. By the first glass I learned her husband does not watch porn, the next glass we discussed chaps and wigs and by the third I knew her husband lasted about ten seconds.

Naturally the next day I was ordering leather chaps on line and she was shopping for a nurses costume. We both picked up new bras at Victoria Secret When I surprised my husband with the new purchase (and boy was he surprised) I kept thinking about my friend. After sharing intimate details with someone, then doing said intimate actions with another my mind naturally thought of the first person.

And so it was. I went away without my husband for a week then consummated our reunion, during which thoughts of sex and power immediately brought me back to my dinner. That my husband commented on the mom being smoking probably contributed to me thinking about her during sex.

Then the fellow Milf and son came to my son’s second birthday party. Despite numerous phone calls and texts It was the first time we had really seen each other since our dinner. Without the haze of alcohol or dim lights of a swanky restaurant, suddenly sharing our lingerie purchases seemed too…intimate. “I’ll never look at your husband the same way again,” she said after we agreed that one should not feel guilty buying Victoria Secret bras. Instead of throwing them away, I said, hubby can rip them off.

A few comments about money and class left a poor impression. And her fascination with googling and gossiping about other parents causes concern about what she may say behind my back.

Things have cooled down between us, in a sense. We have not had another girls night and our phone calls are less frequent. The kids still play together as they are now, with the nannies and our talks are less intense as they were that one night in December.


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