Happy to See You, now please clean up

I missed my husband while he was on his company ski retreat (Wall Street is Back!). Now that he has been home for six hours I wonder what it exactly it was that I missed: his help in the morning, his occasional company in the evening? I say occasional because he is rarely home at a decent our and when he is he bonds as much with his Blackberry as he does me.

Since his return at 2 am last night, my three year old climbed into my bed. This has been an issue I’ve been trying to curtail and considering my husband had just walked through the door, I was not ready to share my bed with an additional creature child. As I put her in bed, Hubby from upstairs whispers Shh which has the exact opposite effect. Now my daughter knows her dad who has a history of undermining my parenting authority by being more lenient is home. She wails for him then stops then resumes, making me wonder if he is comforting her, not an appropriate reward for getting out of bed at 2am.

Hubby is great in the morning, getting up with the kids, making breakfast and plopping them in front of Curious George. When he has them dressed and with food at the table before 7:45, a little television is acceptable. Today he even brushed teeth and greatly facilitated the morning departure. Tomorrow may be another story.

When I came upstairs I found remnants of my Hubby’s arrival. All of the lights instead of being turned off, were dimmed. The freezer drawer was not closed properly and 90% of a bottle of wine missing. He sounded slightly annoyed when I mentioned the freezer but I asked, would you prefer I say nothing? It’s one of those situations where I feel like I am repeating my myself (I must tell him weekly about the lights) and no matter how kindly I relay the message, he responds defensively. I just hate watching people waste – whether it is leaving the refrigerator open while eating, running the shower water while on the toilet or not turning lights off, it’s irritating. Almost as irritating as my husband coming home, opening the bedroom window then leaving the room for an hour.

I’m sure my frustrations about our lack of bonding time manifest itself in my tolerance level for all things annoying about my hubby.


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