I Want One!

Look at this cool bike with a kid attachment. That’s the Zigo and the company is giving away three new bikes. And I get three entries into the contest by blogging about it here.

I can’t remember how I first heard of the Zigo but last year I entered another contest. I had to write a short essay on why I wanted one. The deadline was January 1st PST so after celebrating New Years Eve I returned home to polish my essay. After all one of my resolutions was to write more so it made sense to spend the first few hours of the new year entering a writing contest.

I wrote about biking with my dad, hanging with my kids, missing my mom, coping with my dad’s health issues and my big mouth which I would use to plug the Zigo. I did not win. A parent of a handicapped child in Australia won one bike which was okay. A New York family won as well which was less okay, but still fine in the end. I have my kids, my health and have somehow been managing to get from Point A to Point Z without the Zigo, although it would make things more convenient. But this new contest is not why I *should* win the Zigo, just about my entry. So wish me luck. And if I do win, you will definitely know.


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