Password protected propaganda

In my vain attempt to find out why someone visited my non advertised discreet blog, I was able to track how a reader found my site.

There is the occasional cross post, an incentive when I first joined the now defunct NYC Moms Blog. Then there is the random blog that directed two people in one week. Some website that included me enough to entice two readers, however briefly, to read my work, maybe you are one such reader.

So I clicked. The portal showed a car with a brick paint job. The black brick motif extended to th wheels and hubcaps. In the photo a woman with an umbrella observes the unusual car. The site fancies itself a portal, and other than “password” and “ebook” I did not recognize any words or the language. Among the tags, I only identified Israel twice.

At first I thought this could be a terrorist site that lures recruits by visiting their blogs, and given said fear, I closed the screen.

When I was looking for a name of my other site, I wanted something that captured my need to feel sexy and relevant without denouncing my husband and child. Milf. The grammatically incorrect acronym for Mom I’d Like Fuck. had been taken by someone who had not posted since 2005. Milf had taken my name and abandoned the site, leading me to claim Milf Alert.

I went back to the Milf blog because even in 2005 the writer did not portray herself as a Mom, let alone one I’d like to fuck. The author has a different acronym for Milf that doesn’t involve fucking. Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Not sure what that means, or if it is related to Pulakdah! the other wordpress blog, but I’m suspicious.

Is this a mere coincidence or are terrorists using these particular sites to communicate with each other in code. Was this a mere internet overlap or a giant conspiracy. I suppose I could google the word Milf or even that Moro Islamic movement. Might be a peaceful collection of young gentleman inspiring peace around the globe and I a paranoid writer with subconscious bigotry, succumbing to stereotypes?

Do I report such activity or does that cast an unnecessary light upon myself. I’m reminded of a 30 Rock episode when Tina Fey’s character suspects her Islamic neighbors of terrorism. After enough clues she calls the authorities only to have them deported. Their secret mission, reason for videotaping themselves, and talk of notoriety…an audition for the Greatest Race.

In an admittedly lame attempt I will post my findings on this and my sister site, I want a Book Deal with the hope that should someone else succumb to such biases as to find these sites suspicious can gauge a consensus on any proposed action.

Action by Inaction. Go Team!


One Response to Password protected propaganda

  1. Pete says:

    The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is an armed secessionist Islamic group based in the Southern Philippines, and has been in existence since 1977. It was originally a breakaway group from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), but since has become much larger and much more influential than the MNLF. In 2008 they were responsible for the violent displacement of half a million people and the burning of many Christian villages, which was set off by the Philippine Supreme Court ruling that the Memorandum of Agreement-Ancestral Domain was unconstitutional. The main goal of the MILF is a separate Muslim state on the island of Mindanao. Following the usual Muslim method of claiming ancestral land, any land that Muslims once occupied is considered their ancestral lands. So while even though Muslims in Mindanao only make up 2% of the population, they claim around 12% of the land in the Philippines. They are also considered to often be associated with or supportive of kidnaps-for-ransom or extortion-related bombings in Mindanao.

    You are not being biased. Generally, any group that has an Islam-identifying word and a resistance-related word in it’s name will be violent in it’s actions.

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