Please keep insulting comments to yourself

While shopping at a neighborhood boutique Wednesday my son began playing with the display toys while I meandered in another nook of the store.

“Where’s this kid’s mommy?” a customer asked. I ran over in time to hear her say, “that’s a kidnapping waiting to happen.” I told her to bite her tongue then brought my son to look at soaps on a rope.

The owner came out and grabbed the toy out of my son’s hand warning that we could scratch a plastic display chair. In his defense, it was the Philippe Starck Ghost Chair but he did not have to be so nasty.

Despite my better judgment I bought my friend a gift and since I had nothing to loose, after apologizing again to the owner attempted to solicit a donation for my daughter’s nursery school auction. He shut me down faster than he had snatched the toy from my son.

I know I was not 100% in the right. I know. But nor was I completely wrong. I did not feel that I was endangering my son in any way nor did I think he was misbehaving terribly at the store, yet I left feeling attacked.

There are too many unconcerned citizens policing other people’s children (and from what I hear dogs too) and voicing their condescending comments publicly. I’m sick of being the recipient.


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