She’s Three

My little girl turned three on Friday. We celebrated with cupcakes at school and a party on Saturday. My daughter has been planning her Go Diego Go party for easily four months so it was with great pleasure that we welcomed the big day.

Throughout the summer my Pookie would ask, is today my birthday? Is my party today?
We went through everybody who had birthdays before her, “and then it’s my birthday?” she would ask. So naturally during the party she asks to take a nap.

Of course I oblige; as any parent can attest, when a toddler asks for a nap, you let her nap.

Unlike previous parties, this was mostly three year olds and their parents with a decent grandparent contingency. I’m not sure why this party was particularly emotional but it was.

Perhaps because it’s the first one my daughter could actually comprehend and anticipate. It was clearly the most child-geared party and our first one held in our outdoor patio/garden. It was also one of the easier parties to coordinate: Pizza, cake from the gourmet supermarket not gourmet bakers who would charge triple, and some Diego supplies from an online store.

Was it too seamless? Could I be getting nostalgic because after all of the excitement and planning with my daughter (i:e discussing the guest list and decorations) it zipped by? Or could it be that my little girl who three years ago was in the NICU with a swollen eye and receiving CT Scans because of the forceps is a healthy spirited toddler?


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