Free Shoes

The idea of getting something for nothing makes it infinitely more appealing. When I was in college, my girlfriend and I spent 15 minutes persuading a convenience store clerk to give us the Caution Wet Floor sign. Today I cannot fathom why we would possibly want the sign but at that moment we were so relentless and passionate about acquiring it.

That same year we had convinced the employees of at least five different fast food chains to give us an extra hamburger or fries or something. We even managed to receive a free Domino’s pizza once my girlfriend noticed they had introduced a new sauce. The sweatshirts, CDs and lamps left in the giveaway piles became our prized possessions.

Naturally, when my friend told me of a Nina Z clog giveaway, I jumped, trying to recollect my favorite clog story. I’m not totally in love with the clogs, but I am so attracted to the concept of earning a pair, that I entered.

Perhaps it will turn out more successful than my quest for the wet floor sign. The following week I had found an identical clapboard warning in the supply closet of our dorm.


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