Slimming Secrets

ShaToBy High WaistedSome workouts are harder than others. Many days I motivate myself by taking a bag with my exercise gear to my favorite clothing store that happens to be next door to the gym. I wear my FitFlops in the summer and my Reebok Easy Tone sneakers to make my walking more efficient. Why should one miss an opportunity to burn extra calories and tone?

It was with great pleasure when I discover the ShaToBu, and even greater pleasure when I received a sample in the mail. The silly name is for shapewear that SHapes, TOnes and BUrns while you wear it. Designed by a chiropractor, the product has built in subtle resistance bands that make walking and stair climbing a little more challenging causing wearers to burn 12% more calories.

So I gave it a go without my toning shoes. I did not feel much of a difference wearing ShaToBu, as the garment was not as restrictive as Spanx. I was quick to dismiss it but was surprised that evening when my stomach muscles kept clenching, as if had been engaged throughout the day.

The other advantage to the ShaToBu is that it does smooth out any body creases creating a sexy silhouette. Laura Bennet in Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday admits to wearing shapewear daily. If I can wear a bra for my breasts, why can’t I give my tush a boost? she asks.

While my kids can exhaust me more than any exercise, I welcome tricks and garments that help me keep this milf figure. ShaToBu definitely helps.

It retails for $50-$60 dollars.


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