Mother’s Day Mania

When I was single I hated the hype of Valentine’s Day, a Hallmark holiday that reminds all the single folk that we are still single and all of the couples that they are envied.

Sure there may be pressure depending on the length of the relationship or its intensity but it is still a fabricated day to either celebrate what you have or lament what you do not.

I’m beginning to feel the same way about Mother’s Day. The ads with little kids doing precious things for their mothers choke me up and I remember how lucky I am to have two healthy munchkins. Then there are the ads with my contemporaries and their mothers and I hate them. I resent them. I loathe them. I want to hurl rotten eggs at their smiling faces. It’s another slap in the face that not only do I not have my mommy, I won’t. And every year I will have to brace myself for the nauseating commercials where a mom and her daughter confide in each other how they are best friends. At least with Valentine’s Day, I could hold on to a shimmer of hope that the following year I’ll have a partner.

I will develop better relationships with my kids and hopefully one day my daughter and I can mock those cheesy commercials that surface every May.


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