Jack Sprat’s Wardrobe

I have a thing about hemming my pants, I don’t like to do it. It’s not that I do not want pants that fall perfectly, I do, I just cannot rationalize the cost, even if it is usually around ten dollars.

If I am spending around hundred dollars for a pair of slacks and eight percent sales tax, why must I spend an additional ten percent to have the pants shortened to fit me, never mind the time it takes to go to the tailor, anticipate what shoes I intend to wear with the pants, and model said pants? And if I buy inexpensive pants like my Old Navy Khakis, why would I spend thirty percent more than the cost of the pants to have them hemmed? Besides, I don’t mind having my pants a little long, especially if I can tuck them into a boot.

When I visit my sister in South America or my costume designer friend I’m happy to have my clothes mended to fit me properly. I think it is the cost.

My mom was the opposite. A petite woman, she got everything hemmed. Everything. Coats with sleeves that were too long, pants, dresses, skirts, you name it. Now that she has passed and my sister and I raided her closet, I have a good portion of those hemmed coats, pants, dresses and skirts. The length on the skirts and dresses are fine even though my mom was a little shorter than I. The pants however, are a hair too short. While I love my mom’s Joe jeans I’d like them to hit past my ankle. It works if I’m wearing boots, but beyond that, it’s not the easiest to pull off.

So here I am, a woman, a mother, an aspiring fashionista who has a collection of pants that are either too long or too short.


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