When the husband’s away…

Woman sunbathing

My husband left this morning for a quick business trip abroad. I said the requisite I’ll miss you’s and even shared a deep kiss good-bye. But the fact is, I kind of like when he is gone for a brief period.

I have the bed to myself. I do not have to hear him snore or accuse me in the middle of the night of grinding my teeth or hogging the blanket.

I can eat whatever I want for dinner and I’m responsible for only cleaning my mess (and the children’s) as soon as it is hot. No more prepared meals cooling while he fires off one more email. My husband is a light sleeper and on many restless nights, he’ll watch television and snack leaving me a trail of crumbs and stray dishes in the living room.

No ESPN. Hubby has a habit of turning on a game and either leaving the room where somehow inadvertently I end up watching the sport while working on the computer or perusing a magazine. Or he’ll watch something and comment incessantly about an unfair ref, unbelievable play, or understated accomplishment.

The toilet seat is always left down.

Of course I miss my spouse, but a little separation helps me appreciate the good things he does, like bring me coffee in the morning or water at night.


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