Couples Crush

On my morning trip to the nearly empty park today, a cute couple with an 18-month old daughter joined us. He was rocker cool with a leather jacket and sideburns. His wife had gorgeous long blonde hair and an infectious smile revealing her straight white teeth. *I’m of the belief that, like manners, you only notice teeth when they are bad, or exceptionally good. Her teeth were exceptional.

Considering I’ve seen paparazzi standing outside the playground gates to shoot Hugh Jackman playing with his daughter, I thought this family could be music royalty without the groupies.

We began talking when my 15 month old son began flirting with their 18 month old daughter dressed in a pink Puma tracksuit. Having just moved to the area less than a week ago, they were incredibly friendly and open. As I shared a few pointers, I had fantasies of us being best friends, the ultra-hip parents taking the neighborhood by storm.

I was wearing a fitted worn T-shirt with intentionally torn hems, large dark sunglasses and for once my bed head red hair with dark roots complimented the look. My daughter in her Jimmy Hendrix shirt and knock off Ugg / Dora boots looked like she was sporting her own style. I could fit in with this couple.

I found my mouth was sore from smiling, both at the parents and at my own children, as if I was always this cheery before 9am. More parents arrived and the sexy couple flirted with them as well, likely looking for neighborhood tips. But as I was first to the scene and had the most solo time with them, I’d like to think that we made a lasting impression. And that we’ll hang out soon. With some of his musician friends. Or even garner a shout out in the album he is producing.


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