Baby and Toddler Cookbooks by Annabel Karmel

I was given Top 100 Baby Purees and Top 100 Finger Foods both by Annabel Karmel to review.

With my daughter I spent an inordinate amount of money on jars of Earth’s Best organic mush only to realize how easy it was to puree food when it was time to feed my son. I’d make simple blends of carrots or peas but nothing as exotic as Karmel’s book suggests. My kids at that stage were not picky eaters so preparing dishes with more than two ingredients seemed unnecessary. Why should I buy more ingredients that may end up in the garbage disposal and create a bigger mess? That Earth’s Best jar with the three ingredient blend was looking more appealing.

So it was with hesitation that I opened Karmel’s second book, Top 100 Finger Foods: 100 recipes for a healthy, happy child. Did that mean if I did not feed my children the Star Shaped Veggie Bites they would not be happy or healthy? My cousin says that a happy mom is a great mom. How happy would I be if I prepared the Minty Lamb Koftas only to have my daughter beg for macaroni and cheese? According to Kambel the recipe of nine ingredients takes a mere 20 minutes of preparation. This does not include the soaking of the wooden skewers, creating the 1/3 cup of fresh bread crumbs or finely chopping that red onion.

My mother used to say, if you can read you can cook. But if you cook that does not mean your children will eat it. So in order to maintain my status as a healthy happy mom, I’m graduating to Dr. Praeger’s pancakes and saving the fancy cooking for my husband and myself.


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