Laura Bennett: My New BFF

I just finished reading Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? by Laura Bennet of Project Runway Season 3 fame new book and felt like I had spent a week with a BFF. A working mom of 6 children (five boys) Laura has a great perspective to complement her laissez faire parenting style. When I left the book at home last weekend. I missed her. I wanted to know what she and the tribe were doing. Was she wearing her trademark stilettos behind those pages?

She has readily admits to favorites. She has favorite shoes, favorite handbags, why not favorite children? Has seen her kids eat turtle poop, fed them junk food, and shares her dieting secrets: grazing, Spanx and Nicorette gum. You can’t help but like Laura.

She reached out to invite me to a reading, offering not to cover my transportation expenses but a drink afterward even when a Metrocard is cheaper than a cocktail at the diviest of dive bars. Before I considered if she was sitter worthy (it was worthwhile for me to pay a sitter to go out for the night, especially if I would have to “share her) we decided on a playdate. That afternoon my daughter had stuck her hand in the toilet then her mouth so I thought she’d fit in with Laura’s turtle poop eating sons. I was desperate to see the apartment that housed a family of seven (her daughter is away in college) and if there was really only one bathroom.

But then Laura offered to come over. By herself. And I loved her for making an effort. I knew I didn’t have to clean up the apartment too much as her admitted chaos must trump mine, and just about every parent of two. But what to wear to meet the runner up of Project Runway? I tried on multiple outfits, even tearing tags off of a new Juicy blazer I bought yesterday. My daughter told me to take my jacket off and I admitted it was not my style.

She came over and was as down to earth as well, a mom of six would be and immediately bent down to give my kids a toy hamster that runs on a wheel. We played with the toy and I brought up a belt I had struggle wearing. We went downstairs to the bedroom where we played dress-up and Laura helped me blouse a shirt I bought but never wore. She even offered to donate a custom dress to my daughter’s school auction. As if I couldn’t have an even bigger mom crush on her.


One Response to Laura Bennett: My New BFF

  1. Anony73 says:

    such a cool experience to have Laura come over — from both a mother2mother AND a fashion perspective !! this book looks great btw.

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