Baby and Toddler Cookbooks by Annabel Karmel

March 30, 2010

I was given Top 100 Baby Purees and Top 100 Finger Foods both by Annabel Karmel to review.

With my daughter I spent an inordinate amount of money on jars of Earth’s Best organic mush only to realize how easy it was to puree food when it was time to feed my son. I’d make simple blends of carrots or peas but nothing as exotic as Karmel’s book suggests. My kids at that stage were not picky eaters so preparing dishes with more than two ingredients seemed unnecessary. Why should I buy more ingredients that may end up in the garbage disposal and create a bigger mess? That Earth’s Best jar with the three ingredient blend was looking more appealing.
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Laura Bennett: My New BFF

March 26, 2010

I just finished reading Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? by Laura Bennet of Project Runway Season 3 fame new book and felt like I had spent a week with a BFF. A working mom of 6 children (five boys) Laura has a great perspective to complement her laissez faire parenting style. When I left the book at home last weekend. I missed her. I wanted to know what she and the tribe were doing. Was she wearing her trademark stilettos behind those pages?

She has readily admits to favorites. She has favorite shoes, favorite handbags, why not favorite children? Has seen her kids eat turtle poop, fed them junk food, and shares her dieting secrets: grazing, Spanx and Nicorette gum. You can’t help but like Laura.
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Tired is the New Black

March 15, 2010

I remember when a tilt of my head accompanied by a smile would garner a discount or special treatment. Now I’m lucky if the kids are silent for a mere second while the vendor contemplates my request.

Perhaps having two young children 1 and 2 conjures sympathy for me, hence a discount, or disgust – get this woman and her kids out of my store so I can appeal to a hipper audience whose children won’t pull things off my shelves.

Who knows. But with two munchkins and a hefty amount of stress on my shoulders I do not have the freedom to examine each encounter. Besides, I’m tired.
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Silver Medalist Lindsey Jacobellis is still having a blast

March 1, 2010

Lindsey Jacobellis, the Olympic snowboarder may be most known for the unnecessary maneuver during her penultimate jump of the snowboard cross costing her the gold in 2006 Winter Olympics. It’s the first fact listed after her vitals on Wikipedia. When I had the opportunity to interview Jacobellis via telephone on Friday I didn’t ask her about that move. I had heard her tactfully tell Bob Costas that she got caught up in the moment and it was part of the spirit of snowboarding. Apart from her mea culpa, what else was there for the 24 year old to say that she has not already said?
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