Another Faux Pas

This year for my son’s first birthday I did not invite everyone I knew, just people I liked and friends with children. I had even been debating hosting a party, but how could I refuse the photo op? No surprise, the party evolved into a larger soiree than expected. Since it was for the children and I was hosting at home, I did not sweat it.

Plates, napkins, goodie bags and their prizes were ordered online. Food, refreshments and cupcakes were delivered by Fresh Direct. At one, the child does not need organized entertainment nor do I need to rent out a party space, which I heard can run in the thousand dollar range. Unlike my daughter’s first birthday I did not splurge on my most favorite and expensive cake. The kids would not know the difference. And while the attendees who made it to my daughter’s big 0-1 recognized the downgrade, the adults found it easier to say no to calories.

A few friends who made the cut for my older daughter’s party did not make it for my son’s. One such friend I had dinner with the other night and she saw the party balloons, limply floating in the ceiling two weeks post birthday. “Remember my daughter’s birthday?” I said. “For my son we just had some family over,” I said hoping she would not feel slighted. While though she had give my daughter such wonderful clothes for her big day a year and a half earlier, she must have thought she’d make the cut for subsequent parties.

Then in what must have been a gross oversight on my part, I sent her the party pictures. Oops.

Some things to keep in mind:
1) The pictures could be from an assortment of events, not necessarily one day. In fact some were blatantly from other days
2) My grandma was in quite a few of the pictures supporting my mostly family claim.
3) She is not that great of a friend anyway, so if I lose our friendship over this I won’t be devastated.
4) If I had anything to hide I would not have sent her the photos.
5) Umm. D’oh!

Who knows if she even noticed.


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