Turn me on, try it

February 22, 2010

I was warned that anti-depressants can zap one’s sexual drive and I did not think that this particular side effect would rattle me, but it does. On one hand it is nice not to be perpetually horny and unsatisfied. On the other hand I roll my eyes every time by husband reaches out to me and beg for a pardon.

When I told a friend that I switched to Lexapro she asked if it hurt my sex drive. Yes, I said, and so. I can suck it up (literally) when my husband initiates.

I just read an a letter to the sex editor in the NY Post by a husband who wonders how, after 13 years, he can encourage his wife to initiate. I think he should be grateful that she acquiesces every time. Prior to all of this…this being babies, loss of mom, sheer exhaustion, I used to initiate sex more frequently than my husband. I didn’t mind, but it was the rejection that stings.

There are times I want the coy cat and mouse game where I want his to persuade me and then there are the times that I just don’t want to do it. But I don’t think I ever flatly reject him as he once did for me. I know most of the time he did so out of his exhaustion but it still stings.

Another Faux Pas

February 8, 2010

This year for my son’s first birthday I did not invite everyone I knew, just people I liked and friends with children. I had even been debating hosting a party, but how could I refuse the photo op? No surprise, the party evolved into a larger soiree than expected. Since it was for the children and I was hosting at home, I did not sweat it.
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Working with Dad

February 4, 2010

To say I have issues with my father is like saying Grey Gardens had trouble with their electricity.

My issues with my father go way back. He still reminds me how I was mean to him as a toddler but then claims he holds no grudges. He and my mom were in the same real estate business with offices across the street from each other. Not figuratively across street, literally. I could look from my dad’s second floor window into my mom’s store. Her office was in the back of the building lacking a Main Street view.
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