Training the Personal Trainer

I can’t decide if I like my personal trainer. We’ve met twice and I’m afraid every time I meet with him will make our inevitable break-up more challenging.

Will he smile politely when seeing me work out with a new trainer wondering what went wrong? Will he review our relationship and question if there were signs he ignored? Or will he just not care?

We’ve barely begun our relationship and I’m already considering the end. Not a good sign.

I didn’t even want a trainer but was lured by a generic email from the club manager. I had a credit for two training sessions because of a bad relationship with another trainer at another club. The gym may have to open more branches to keep up with my discontent with the trainers.

I want my personal trainer to work me out. Hard. I can drag my feet and slug through a workout on my own, but I’d like to be pushed. I’d also like to make sure my form is correct so the exercises are efficient and reduce injuries. The first day the trainer burned my legs. I commented that of all of the things I wanted to improve, I did not once mention my legs. Yet the next two days I grimaced every time I walked up and down the stairs.

Check one for the trainer.

But he ignored my form, not offering pointers until I was finished with the set. The next meeting I specifically asked him to correct my form, which he barely did. In fact on one exercise he said it did not matter whether I turned my arms in or out. Odd, I always thought form confirmed that I was targeting the specified muscles.

While I feel strong from the workout, the trainer really only had me do about a dozen exercises in the hour. But he did stretch me out for 15 minutes which felt fantastic. Time will tell if he makes the cut, but next week I’ll only meet with him once and see if I can push myself to do the same dozen exercises on my own.


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