See Mom Run: Side-Splitting Essays from the World’s Most Harried Moms

For the NYC Moms Book club, I read See Mom Run, a collection of essays by contributors to the parent blog, Silicon Valley Moms. This book once again, assuaged some of my insecurities about my writing.

1) I am just as talented as a writer as these contributors.
2) I have just as much material as these writers.

Sure I have not tested my #2 daughters potty training skills while listening to a friend lament about an affair with a married man but I have had plenty of other experiences that, ahem, build character.

One of the things about parenthood that is never portrayed in the movies is the constant mess and smell. There’s a great scene in Parenthood where Steve Martin’s daughter loses her lunch all over her father. Cut to the next scene.

What is omitted is the parents on their hands and knees looking for remnants of their vomit in every nook and cranny in the house, in the molding, on the knobs of the dresser, in the rug. And how that smell lingers! You know how drunk people still stink after bathing? *On a side note, my husband showers post Widespread Panic concerts and he still smells when he crawls into bed.

That’s how vomit smells. I can never seem to cleanse myself from my son’s regurgitation. No matter how I shower or change my shirt. My sister once complained to me how my son vomited on her and she could not shake the scent. I did not have too much pity, until her newborn evened the score by spitting up on me. His puke’s smell, distinct from my son’s awful puke, would not leave me alone for the entire day. “Now you know how I feel,” she said.


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