Cheating in My Dreams

Last night I dreamt I was kissing this attractive well built young guy. I’m sounding like a real MILF when I refer to someone in their mid twenties as young. He began rubbing me and eventually I succumbed to his advances. Other than him being well endowed, I do not remember too much about our physical action, but I do know I was disappointed that we did not meet up again.

My sister and I had been talking about sexual choices we made when we were younger that night and I am not proud to admit how I used my body, or rather let my body be used for ulterior reasons, mostly for attention and feeling included. Who knew not being popular in middle school could have so many ramifications later on in life?

Sex was always the big thing. It was okay to get completely naked with someone and do everything but sex because there was still something left “to do”, a reason for the guy to come back. And as one friend said, once you sleep with someone you have to add him to your list, even if you did not want to because otherwise what was the point of a list.

We did not sleep together in my dream, me and that young stud who showed know signs of developing the inevitable gut. He didn’t want to because it meant something more. In Pretty Woman Julia Roberts would not kiss her johns on the mouth because that was too intimate, as if giving someone a BJ while he is driving the car is not.

perhaps these sexual dreams are a mere outlet for my desires and fantasies, none of which I’m eager to act upon, but still tantalize and empower me.


2 Responses to Cheating in My Dreams

  1. rmccann99 says:

    Empowering? How does that work? Power through sex? And while I couldn’t hope to compete with the physique of a 20 something, I have fought back the “inevitable” gut with exercise. Inevitable is a myth. 6 pack at 50.

  2. Anony73 says:

    hee hee — i think rmccann99 is hitting on you MILF ; -))

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