Driven to a food drive

I’m trying to do well. Really. Whether it is how I conduct myself in my new/my mom’s old business, my relationships with siblings and father, and as a mother, I think I’m doing okay. Two years ago I started a food drive at my building and was so motivated as a new and practically unemployed mother I put boxes up at local stores, my lobby, my old lobby collecting who knows how much food for New York’s hungriest. Or at least those who benefit from City Harvest.

I had all of the food collected once the box in my current lobby was overflowing and once the super in my old building reported that some food was stolen from the box in that lobby. I figured if someone took food from a box for the hungry then he too must have been hungry and if not, well karma has a way of equalizing that too.

So this year I asked the management office for permission and got the green light. I made my poster even though it looked like my daughter colored in the letters and placed my wrapped box in the lobby, only to find it behind the doorman’s desk the next day. This year they don’t want a more discreet drive.

Considering I have had another child and lost my mother since the previous call for food, I don’t have the drive to place boxes all over the neighborhood so I’m trying to encourage others to do so. I constantly hear moms talk about their desire to give back, and this is a perfect non totally consuming yet tangible way to do so. I posted this idea to my parents message board and did not receive one response. Grr.

Perhaps it’s too early in the giving season and people are not yet motivated. Or they are simply content to donate a canned good or a check to another drive. Or, naively I’d like to think that my post was so succinct, no follow up was necessary. Then again, I was posting to the same parents who take notes during a PTA meeting for preschoolers. I’m trying.


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