The Tease

One of the fun things about flirting is the anticipation or tease of what could possibly come next. That excitement where your mind fills in all of the blanks of what you do not know about the other and the possibility of more is more appealing than the actual act. So naturally, I love to flirt.

If things get a little too intense or steamy I may slip in the conversation that I have two children and a husband. I’m not hiding anything, just dancing on the boundary. Plus, it is a total position of power when you (or rather I) have something that someone (hot!) wants, it’s a dance. A risque dance.

I went to a party last weekend and had more fun than I ought to admit. There was one particular guy who I found attractive. We bonded over the loss of our moms and…well I had a bit to drink so I do not remember everything so clearly. I do recall him talking about himself quite a bit (he’s a musician so perhaps it is in the blood) and him telling me about his open relationship with his girlfriend. Perhaps if he used a less crass expression than “my girlfriend knows I may fuck someone else.”

I believe if two parties are on the same page with a mutual understanding respect for one another and it works for the couple, then go for it. My husband and I are not there, nor do I think I want us to be.

Yeah, maybe it was a little inappropriate for me to stare directly at his crotch when we were talking to a few people, but when he commented on my snake style pants, I warned him that they, like me, are venomous and can bite. I left a little abruptly surprised that he did not try a little more aggressively. But little good can happen after 1:30am for a milf like me.


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