Do I need an Astericks?

The other night my single girlfriend invited me to Karaoke which was more fun than I could have expected, and not just because I was not the worst singer. There were drinks and a bunch of 90s songs that I knew by heart.

Considering most people were drinking and all of the songs were classics from our childhood, people from different “parties” joined the other singers on stage. We danced, we made fools of ourselves, there was physical contact.

There was a particularly cute young guy that grabbed the mic to sing Sexual Healing with my friend while I watched from the booth. Then he joined us for a rendition of a Billy Joel number casually placing his arm around my waist and sometimes my friend’s.

Is this what kids do today? My friend is older than me, but as I mentioned single, and she lives in India and is horny. Their contact appeared natural. But mine! Me! His hand on my body! Touching the same shirt that had to replace the earlier one because someone threw up on me. His hand on a little girl’s mommy.

What to do? I pulled gently away feeling like I was betraying my family. Flirting is one thing, physical contact another. He did not seem to notice. Then the song was over and we both sat down in separate booths. He was mostly talking to my girlfriend as her side of the booth backed up to his. But then my Guns and Roses song popped up and he jumped on stage with me. That Sweet Child o Mine.

I felt like I needed a disclaimer, to let him know I was not only married but also a mother of two. When/where does that fit in during casual flirting at a karaoke bar?

Turns out most of the drama was in my head. Surprise surprise! Shortly after he barely said goodbye to my friend and gave me a nod when he went off to another bar. *My friend later told me that he was 5 years younger than me. I guess I should be flattered in a dark bar on a Saturday night I look half a decade younger.


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