House Arrest

The other night I was walking from my grandmother’s apartment when I passed a mish-mash store. A mish-mash store is a pop-up retail store that sells all kinds of assorted tschokes and such for a finite period of time often at a really low price. I’m not sure what lured me in, but the Halloween costumes caught my eye.

Now is probably a good time to mention that they were designed by Hustler.
I opted for the policewoman number, a short dress with lace in the front that looks pretty freakin sexy with the fishnets and aviator glasses I picked up. Despite feeling environmental with my reusable fabric bag, the saleswoman put the outfit in a dark plastic bag to then put inside my bag. I was on the way to the hospital to see my father then to my daughter’s pre-school so a little decorum would not hurt.

It was not until I was placing the cupcakes on paper plates at the preschool that I noticed the word “HUSTLER” on the package peaking out the top of the plastic bag. So the nursery school teachers, one with at least two obvious tattoos and a nose ring know I have an edge. I’m not sure what the one father who came to pick up his daughter thought, or if he even noticed at all.

That night I tried on the Hustler Policewoman Costume with the new fishnet thigh highs and aviator sunglasses when my husband emerged from the bathroom. I let him pick out a pair of boots considering he has a foot fetish and continued the seduction.

The costume was particularly exciting because it was new and neither of us knew what to expect. It’s not like when we start kissing and know that in so many minutes our clothes will be off and shortly afterwards one of us will be on top of the other. Foreplay. Thrust. Thrust. Cum.

There was that uncertainty and suspense found in the beginning of a relationship in a married parental bedroom. I felt empowered and sexy and he was surprised and excited. Our most erotic night in some time, all because of an inexpensive cheap polyester blend outfit, sans handcuffs. Who knew?

When I later mentioned to someone that I wanted to go out on Halloween as a Policewoman my husband declared that dress is not for public consumption. While I’m tempted to do something I never had to do as a teenager, wear one outfit out of the house then sneak into another once outside, I’ll opt to keep it private. (sort of) Even though I bought it as a Halloween costume, I’ll get many more miles in the bedroom.


One Response to House Arrest

  1. Hedi says:

    this is so mommy dark
    i like
    fellow dark mommy

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