Slipping through the cracks

Tom Petty sings that even the losers get lucky sometimes. I figure if something someone some anything is going to slip through the cracks, why not roll the dice and see if it is you? Of course, you have to weigh the consequences if what you are do not slip through but in fact are obvious.

I don’t advocate stealing because the pay off is not worth the risk. However, let’s say asking for a discount or trying to get some paper approved, well there is no harm in asking. I don’t play the lottery – a tax for people who are bad at math – but people do win. That one in a million does exist.

My sister once hypothesized that a person was better off saving his or her lottery allowance for one week and buy 54 tickets at once. But I suppose people like to have a little bit excitement each week and roll the dice to see.

Just some random thoughts. My toe is throbbing because I stubbed it.


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