Facebook Popularity

I’ve gotten all sorts of requests for friends on Facebook that would flatter the insecure teenager I once was. Now, I wonder why people who have never spoken to me in 3-D suddenly want to befriend me in 2-D.

I’m sure some people want to befriend me because they are accumulating friends. Somehow having 100 Facebook friends is empowering for some, which may explain why I have received requests from people who I don’t know or from say my former neighbor who once complained about my barking dog. I would not know him if I passed him on the street yet he wants to know of my latest happenings. There were a few friends from high school I was touched sought me out on Facebook, or perhaps the side bar just suggested me as a friend, but nonetheless they chose to add me as a friend. Excited to hear from a blast from the past I sent a note to my newly accepted friends only to have it ignored which makes me wonder why did you add me in the first place? I wanted to de-friend her but since we had several mutual friends I didn’t.

Then there are my friends I was genuinely excited to reconnect with such as someone I had known my first year of boarding school and held a special place in my heart. She waited over a week before accepting my invitation even though I later learned she had logged on during that time and she never responded to my heartfelt letters and notes on her wall. Perhaps she was not that interested in being friends but did not oppose having another friend in her list.

My sister and I go back and forth about whether to accept certain people from our past, a friend’s mother, certain cousins, husband’s business associates, her moyel, my tenants, and so on. I guess it depends on how one wants to use the site to determine if we want to be friends. Just because one person is trying to accumulate names doesn’t mean I have to partake.


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