Self Help Sanctuary

Do you know that there is an entire industry of books and resources of advice for about anything. There are experts for every ailment, predicament, experience. Given my current situation I’ve considered the following self improvement books.
Motherless mothers
Losing a mother
New Mom books
Two young kids.
Toddler books
Discipline books
New Business Books
How to handle stress
and that’s what comes to mind at this instant at 10:25 on Tuesday night, although it feels like a Thursday.

Trying to cram lots of errands into my time at respective homes. Going to the city tomorrow morning early, then back east on Friday morning and only have a few pressing things to address before going to see my sister who is waiting until I arrive to schedule her induction of her third child. A two week vacation! I’ll still *work* and check in on everything here. I’m sure there are books about how to do this too.


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