Squeezing it in

Even though I’ve renewed my gym, I’ve hardly gone. But I did invest in a pair of the flip flops that exercise your legs in a way that regular flip flops don’t. This is how I have to get my exercise. My routines have consisted of the occasional crunch while holding a child and short wind sprints in the yard. Kegel muscles get their workout at night or when I’m holding it in because the kids are all loaded up in the car and I just don’t have time.

The flip flops really seem to work. At night, little balancing muscles that are often neglected were twitching away, making other muscles twitch, a gentle reminder that I should do some real exercising.

So, I’m out at the beach at my mom’s house which is 1/3 mine now, so I guess my house. So going to my local gym is out of the question. I did discover a semi private pilates class which was great. I only went once yesterday but I’m hooked, at least when I have a sitter and remember to reserve ahead of time.

I did meet another mom at the gym who told me of a nearby extremely child friendly restaurant which is great!

Get my body in fighting shape, and back strong. The kids are sleeping in pack and plays which entails more bending down than I’d like. One is screaming for me to pick her up now.


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