Rant against a friend

I just returned from my ten year college reunion where i had an absolute blast. I drove up with one friend and then drove two friends home. On the way back I was anxious to see my kids, tired from a fun weekend, and impatient in traffic. That’s how I roll.

I dropped each girl off at her apartment in the city and continued home. Yes, it was obvious that I was terribly impatient with the traffic and eager to see my family. The one doctor friend had her husband come down to greet us and help with the luggage. I let everyone say hello and then we continued to the next stop.

I wrote to my doctor friend about how much fun I had. This was her reply.
had a great time too.
I have to tell you though – I really felt like you were rushing to get home when you dropped me off and it kind of put a damper on a really awesome weekend….
Also, sometime I feel like you really focus on getting “your agenda” completed that you forget that you need to respect your friends’ feelings sometimes (otherwise you may turn people off with that kind of attitude)
Just food for thought…But please give me a call when you get this message.

I am not calling her.
Shame on her that this is what she takes from my email and from the weekend.
I did all of the driving and I am the only one with a family and I dropped her off in front of her apartment building.
What was her agenda? We all agreed to leave at the same time.
I am not interested in the drama with her, but yet this note still affects and hurts me.
Reality check??


2 Responses to Rant against a friend

  1. Alex says:

    Totally passive aggressive of her to drop an email bomb on you and ask you to call–and not woman up and call first. But you can always seize the upper hand and call her and let her know she’s a passive aggro jerk. I mean, she couldn’t argue with you in the car? 🙂

  2. Margie says:

    Really rude of her. This friend sounds like everything is always about her. I’m willing to bet, too, that this is not the first time she responded to you in this manner. And, if she really did have an issue, the thing to do would have been to call you and talk it out, like 2 mature adults, not resort to juvenile e-mails.

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