Trying to Relate

With my newfound responsibilities I am finding it harder to relate to other moms with whom I once bonded over spilled milk. Complaining about nannies and sharing sharing stories of how stressed our husbands over the uncertainty of their jobs is not as fulfilling as it once was.

My father taught me to humble among m anomoly y peers, and not let them know of my (or my parents) investments. When I lived in California I invested in a duplex while I lived in a dumpy one bedroom. As a struggling artist with a property I was an anomaly among my friends. Since I shared the information on a need to know basis, most did not know. Now that I am married with two kids living in Manhattan my contemporaries are more successful so I am less shy about revealing my situation, but I’m still not eager to advertise the assets.

Since I’m reluctant to talk to friends about the new responsibilities that I inherited and did not exactly create for myself and since my daily life has expanded beyond diapers and playgroups that leaves less to talk about. And because I don’t watch reality shows, well I guess that means I should stick to blogging.


One Response to Trying to Relate

  1. Alex says:

    I also grew up in a family that didn’t speak much about assets/finances. In my case, this meant it took me a long time to figure out how to manage things even marginally sanely because not only did my parents not speak much about it in their very polite society, it wasn’t discussed much around the dinner table either.

    In other news, I love reality tv. It’s become a problem since I have the “I’m feeding two babies right now” excuse and can’t write at the same time. I don’t have the same out for blogging as an escape, but it’s definitely a more productive endeavor.

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