Squeezing it in

May 29, 2009

Even though I’ve renewed my gym, I’ve hardly gone. But I did invest in a pair of the flip flops that exercise your legs in a way that regular flip flops don’t. This is how I have to get my exercise. My routines have consisted of the occasional crunch while holding a child and short wind sprints in the yard. Kegel muscles get their workout at night or when I’m holding it in because the kids are all loaded up in the car and I just don’t have time.

The flip flops really seem to work. At night, little balancing muscles that are often neglected were twitching away, making other muscles twitch, a gentle reminder that I should do some real exercising.

So, I’m out at the beach at my mom’s house which is 1/3 mine now, so I guess my house. So going to my local gym is out of the question. I did discover a semi private pilates class which was great. I only went once yesterday but I’m hooked, at least when I have a sitter and remember to reserve ahead of time.

I did meet another mom at the gym who told me of a nearby extremely child friendly restaurant which is great!

Get my body in fighting shape, and back strong. The kids are sleeping in pack and plays which entails more bending down than I’d like. One is screaming for me to pick her up now.


Good Friends Let You Rant

May 22, 2009

As I debated how to handle my passive aggressive friend who sent the surprisingly rude email, I heard advice from a plethora of people. I had ranted to the few ears that would listen. The best advice came from both my grandma and husband. My husband said to let it slide as she was under a lot of stress studying for her med school board and my grandma said that I should remind her of what a close friend she is.

I changed my Facebook status to “confused about a snide email” and contemplated my next move. She called me and asked if my status was referring to her. I said yes. She went on to explain that she was peeved by two remarks I made the entire reunion weekend both of which involved rushing her along, one time when I was super eager to see my kids.

I’m proud of how we “argued fairly.” I listened to everything, agreed with the facts, but told her I thought she was being hyper sensitive and taking things out of context. Eventually she agreed noting that she was under stress and doesn’t get out much.

I could go into the details of how she wanted to put me on friendship probation and a few less flattering things that she mentioned. But we have are old friends and I know no matter what, I cannot shake our friendship. I’m sure on some levels she needed to vent because the test date is getting closer and her future is depending on her passing. So it doesn’t matter. I guess a good friend (me) will take the abuse from a friend that needs an outlet and not keep a scorecard of any snide remarks.

Perhaps that’s the secret to our twisted friendship.

Regardless, thanks to all for the support. I needed the reality check.


Rant against a friend

May 19, 2009

I just returned from my ten year college reunion where i had an absolute blast. I drove up with one friend and then drove two friends home. On the way back I was anxious to see my kids, tired from a fun weekend, and impatient in traffic. That’s how I roll.

I dropped each girl off at her apartment in the city and continued home. Yes, it was obvious that I was terribly impatient with the traffic and eager to see my family. The one doctor friend had her husband come down to greet us and help with the luggage. I let everyone say hello and then we continued to the next stop.

I wrote to my doctor friend about how much fun I had. This was her reply.
had a great time too.
I have to tell you though – I really felt like you were rushing to get home when you dropped me off and it kind of put a damper on a really awesome weekend….
Also, sometime I feel like you really focus on getting “your agenda” completed that you forget that you need to respect your friends’ feelings sometimes (otherwise you may turn people off with that kind of attitude)
Just food for thought…But please give me a call when you get this message.

I am not calling her.
Shame on her that this is what she takes from my email and from the weekend.
I did all of the driving and I am the only one with a family and I dropped her off in front of her apartment building.
What was her agenda? We all agreed to leave at the same time.
I am not interested in the drama with her, but yet this note still affects and hurts me.
Reality check??

Trying to Relate

May 14, 2009

With my newfound responsibilities I am finding it harder to relate to other moms with whom I once bonded over spilled milk. Complaining about nannies and sharing sharing stories of how stressed our husbands over the uncertainty of their jobs is not as fulfilling as it once was.

My father taught me to humble among m anomoly y peers, and not let them know of my (or my parents) investments. When I lived in California I invested in a duplex while I lived in a dumpy one bedroom. As a struggling artist with a property I was an anomaly among my friends. Since I shared the information on a need to know basis, most did not know. Now that I am married with two kids living in Manhattan my contemporaries are more successful so I am less shy about revealing my situation, but I’m still not eager to advertise the assets.

Since I’m reluctant to talk to friends about the new responsibilities that I inherited and did not exactly create for myself and since my daily life has expanded beyond diapers and playgroups that leaves less to talk about. And because I don’t watch reality shows, well I guess that means I should stick to blogging.