New Clothes

With our new formula, I’m now beginning to walk around with less puke caked into my attire.

It feels like the first time in two years that I am not pregnant.

I want to look and feel good.

I bought new running shoes and have hit the pavement twice. I love it. I’m still banging out some situps and bicycles – which really do tone the obliques.

I would like some clothes that fit, and complement my figure. I was fine buying Old Navy for transition outfits, but when I saw my daughter’s caretaker with a similar shirt, I feel uncomfortable wearing mine when not in the line of puke.

However, recession lingers, body evolves, income dips, weather remains cold, time is limited. I have not found the opportunity or real justification to going out and spending money on a few quality pieces that will likely be covered in spit-up or dirty hand prints. But I want to!

Perhaps when my sister comes and is not pregnant will resume our shopping expeditions.


One Response to New Clothes

  1. Don’t worry! Spring is coming! At least you’ve got less “puke” on your attire. Things are looking up!!

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