The Purse Curse

My mom always said, careful what you wish for, it might come true. Hell, she always wanted to fly on a private plane, so we booked her an air ambulance for her last flight.

I had said that I wanted free goodies and in exchange, I’d write about them here. Someone from Gutzees took me up on my offer; I’m embarrassed to admit that this was a few months back. Since it was the only one and because I never felt the need for a purse keeper, oh and because my world has been completely rocked, I dillied and dallied before even looking at the product. My husband was complaining about the PR package that sat as a reminder in our living room.

The PurseKeeper is exactly what it sounds like, something designed to preserve your purse. There’s an adjustable cushion insert for your purse to keep it’s shape and a clear vinyl storage bag with faux leather snap closure. If you are organized or disciplined about caring for your bags, this is an ideal alternative to the cloth bags that come with purses. You can actually see your purses in the closet. However, if you are like me, tight on space and your handbags are shoved lovingly into a shoe rack, then anything that fluffs your bag up is not practical.

Because the vinyl bag has structure and is clear, it does serve a much better function of housing my lingerie, something my husband would like me to take out of the adjacent shoe rack.

The bag, which comes in three sizes, retails from around $15-$20 and can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Because I am a mom, a very fortunate mom, I feel compelled to mention that company’s founders met at a benefit for people with hearing disabilities, something that affects their children. They named the company Gutzees to honor how hard their kids fight.


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