Single Travels

I recently went to Los Angeles for a good friend’s wedding of which I was a bridesmaid. Because we could not find someone to watch both kids, my husband stayed home to gain sympathy for what i do most days. It worked out super well in that I could fully engage myself in bridesmaid responsibilities without feeling like I was abandoning my husband and get a good nights rest and he saw his folks without me and bonded with the munchkins.

Of course during the slow songs of the wedding I wanted someone to dance with and a few times I was terribly indecisive I could have used a little guidance.

For some reason I try to look good whenever I go to LA, as if I might be discovered by some hot actor who insists I must be in his next blockbuster movie. And then because I make an effort to look good, I would like someone to notice. Of course by LA standards I am not hot, ie not rail thin, blonde or have fake breasts. I also like to use the excuse when a pair of pants at a store did not fit properly, that I just had a baby. If the sales people do not ooh and aah over my physique, then I’m less inclined to buy something. But apart from the guests commenting on the bridesmaid dresses telling us we look great, no one really noticed. Which is just as well, the day was not about me.


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