The Future

I know I cannot continue to live in this daze, a human floating through the motions of life, sleeping at every opportunity and trying to make it through to the next day.

Life does not wait for anyone and I fear that I am missing out on opportunities with my children. Yesterday was good. My daughter was super affectionate and funny and barely cried for Sesame Street. The Little Man took a while to fall asleep at night – my fault for letting him (and me) and doze during the day. Nobody is perfect.

My girlfriend is getting married this weekend and I’m taking a solo trip across the country to visit her. As I listen to her stress about wedding details, I realize I really do not care. As a friend, I listen, offer advice that she’ll likely ignore and be supportive. In reality, it is all so insignificant but she does not see that now. Not that I saw it when I was getting married either. I look back at my wedding and do not have warm and fuzzy feelings about my mom, surprisingly my dad and his wife were amazing.

The kids are calling…a good excuse for not a great summary.


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